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These Systems INCLUDE Delivery and Installation in Bend, Redmond or Sisters.

Changes can be made to these systems, as they are not built until you order them.  More RAM?  Bigger Hard Drive?  Different Video Card?  No Problem...

UPS Shipping available to other areas at actual cost.

Economy System
Asus P5AB Motherboard
AMD K62-450 Processor
Processor Cooling Fan
32MB Ram
Sound Blaster 16 Sound Card
3D Charger AGP 4MB Video Card
V.90 56K Modem
10 GB Western Digital Hard Drive
Mitsumi 48x CD-Rom
Mitsumi 3.5" Floppy Drive
Mitsumi 104 Key PS/2 Keyboard
Mitsumi PS/2 Internet Mouse
Midiland MLI699 Speakers
15" .28DP 1280X1024 res Monitor
Vista Point Mini-Mid Tower Case
Windows 98 SE Plus Pre-Installed

Starter System
DFI AK74 Motherboard
AMD Duron 650MHz Processor
Processor Cooling Fan
64MB Ram
SoundBlaster16 Sound
Trident 9750 4MB AGP
56K V.90 PCI Modem
Western Digital 10GB Hard Drive
Mitsumi 48x CD-Rom
Mitsumi 1.44 MB Floppy Drive
Mitsumi 104 Key PS/2 Keyboard
Mitsumi PS/2 Mouse
Midiland ML170 Speakers
17" ADI .27 1280x1024 Monitor
Mini Mid Tower 250W Case
Win 98 SE Pre-Installed

Power System
DFI AK-70 Motherboard
K7-900 Athlon Processor
Processor Cooling Fan
256 MB Ram
Sound Blaster PCI 128 Sound Card
Viper 2 Z200 32MB AGP Video Card
US Robotics 3594 V.90 56K Modem
40 GB Western Digital Hard Drive
Toshiba 16x/40x DVD/CD-Rom
Mitsumi 3.5" Floppy Drive
Logitech Internet PS/2 Keyboard
Logitech PS/2 Scroll Mouse
Midiland MLI480 Speakers w/ Sub
ADI 17" .25 1280x1024 monitor
In-Win A500 Mid Tower Case
Additional Hardware Cooling Fan
Windows 2000 Pro Pre-Installed
More Specials To Come...!!

* Prices are current, but are subject to change without notice.
* Individual items may change depending on availability.
* No components are stocked
* All parts are ordered when sold to give you the best
     possible prices.
* Allow 5 to 14 days to complete order.

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